Simon Bransfield-Garth

Simon Bransfield-Garth has over 20 years experience of technology based businesses, including 6 years at Symbian, maker of the world’s leading operating system for advanced mobile phones, where he held the posts of VP of Global Marketing and General Manager, Cambridge and was a member of the Executive Team.

Prior to Symbian Simon has held senior level executive positions in technology-based companies from start-up to corporate including the creation and management of commercial activities in China, Japan, India and USA. He has a degree and PhD from Cambridge University, England where he was also a Research Fellow and a Royal Society Industrial Fellow in association with Texas Instruments Inc
Keith Beacham

Keith is a seasoned senior executive with over 25 years experience in the technology, investment and telecoms industries. His last role was as Venture Partner at New Venture Partners, a VC firm specializing in corporate spin-outs.

Keith was co-founder, VP Products and VP Europe for Microwave Photonics; a cellular infrastructure business, later acquired by NextG Inc. Prior, he spent 22 years in senior management positions at BT; initially in product engineering and later technology strategy, corporate investment and spin-outs.

Keith He was responsible for developing the BT Callminder product, managed BT's $35 million Applications Research Program, and lead the Business Create team in Brightstar, the corporate incubator, responsible for developing and spinning out new start-up companies.

Stephanie Bransfield-Garth

Stephanie Bransfield-Garth has 20 years experience in corporate finance, business and program management. Her background includes roles at Orion Royal Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Reuters where she headed up new product strategy within the trading room systems division.

Stephanie brings a depth of experience of corporate finance and business
strategy, with particular focus on high growth companies. She has a degree in Psychology from Hull University and an M.Lett from Cambridge University.
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